Specialist Labour Hire

Specialised Expertise

Fuel your projects with specialised expertise through our skilled labour hire services. From niche technical roles to unique project requirements, we provide tailored solutions for success. Elevate your workforce with our specialists, ensuring precision and proficiency in every task.

Project management / Engineers

Elevate your projects with our elite team of Project Management and Engineers for hire. We bring expertise, precision, and innovation to every endeavor, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes. Let us be the architects of your success.


Empower your projects with our dedicated team of skilled Supervisors for hire. From overseeing operations to ensuring efficiency, our supervisors bring leadership and expertise to the forefront. Trust us to elevate your projects with unparalleled supervision and drive success at every level. 

Crane Operators

Reach new heights with our Crane Operators for hire. Our skilled professionals bring precision, safety, and efficiency to every lift. Whether it’s heavy loads or complex maneuvers, trust our operators to elevate your projects to unparalleled success. 

Riggers and dogman

Elevate your projects with our expert Riggers and Dogman for hire. Our skilled team ensures seamless coordination and safety in every lift. From intricate rigging to meticulous maneuvers, trust us to handle the complexities, weather its pipe rigging, mechanical rigging, Steel erection, monkeying a load through a building, Multi-Crane complex lifts or dogging a crane, our crews have the skills and experience to make it happen safely and efficiently. 

expat services

Navigate global projects seamlessly with our Expat Services. We provide skilled professionals for international assignments, ensuring expertise and cultural adaptability. From project management to technical roles, trust us to bridge the gap and deliver success on a global scale. 

We’re ready to help


We can help you today. Contact our experts at SUMMIT Cranes and speak to us about how we can supply the services your operation requires.


Where do we operate

Our experienced team of managers, supervisors, operators and riggers works across Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. We have a wide and reliable network that means we always have the right team for you, no matter where you’re located.

Locally owned. Globally operated.

Our Australian headquarters are located in Dubbo, New South Wales, but our vast network means we can operate anywhere in Australia, South-East Asia and all over the globe.


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