Lift Plans

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and software

At Summit Cranes, our Lift Plan team leverages cutting-edge technology and software, meticulously crafted by our in-house engineering team. Whether it’s a Rigging mythology, singular lift or a comprehensive craneage project, our experienced professionals collaborate closely with you, providing insights on rigging methodology and component design. From initial planning to execution, our compliant lift plans, crafted for Tier One sites, prioritize safety, efficiency, and adherence to schedules, ensuring the success of every lift with precision.

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Where do we operate

Our experienced team of managers, supervisors, operators and riggers works across Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. We have a wide and reliable network that means we always have the right team for you, no matter where you’re located.

Locally owned. Globally operated.

Our Australian headquarters are located in Dubbo, New South Wales, but our vast network means we can operate anywhere in Australia, South-East Asia and all over the globe.


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