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Our journey at Summit Cranes begins at the grass roots with a visionary leader, Joshua Shields, who identified gaps in the crane industry while working tirelessly from the east coast to the west coast of Australia servicing Mines, energy and construction. In 2017, armed with a keen understanding of the market’s needs, Joshua founded Summit Cranes with a clear mission: to provide peace of mind and hassle-free crane services that prioritised customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Recognising that the true essence of success lies within the hearts of those performing the work, we have always placed great emphasis on training and molding the next generation with the right skills and attitudes inherited from today’s pioneers, driving innovation and shaping the future of our craft.

In 2017, Summit Cranes started with Joshua Shields as the sole provider, offering open crane operator/advanced rigger services and lift plans utilising cutting-edge tools like Autocad and Near maps. By 2018, as demand surged and new projects arose, we expanded our team to 50 skilled professionals, providing specialised labor of superior supervisors, crane operators, and riggers.
In 2019, realising the need for a scalable workforce, we established a labor pool, swiftly growing to 400 dedicated individuals. This same year, we expanded our operations into Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia, paving the way for further growth and expansion.

An opportunity arose in 2020, allowing us to venture into Papua New Guinea, marking a significant milestone in our global presence. This year also witnessed the acquisition of our first crane, bolstering our capabilities and service offerings.

In 2021, our labor pool expanded to 1500 people, and we extended our business into Western Australia, further solidifying our position as industry leaders. Additionally, we achieved ISO accreditation in quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management systems, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and compliance with international standards.

The years that followed saw continued growth and recognition. In 2022, we expanded services in Queensland and acquired two more cranes, further enhancing our capabilities. In 2023, we acquired two additional cranes and were honored with prestigious awards, including Business of the Year, Excellence in Business, and Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion.

As we look towards the future, Summit Cranes remains dedicated to our vision of being world leaders in the development of our profession. Tomorrow, anywhere else in the world, we invite you to join us as we continue to breathe life into this vision and shape the future of the crane industry.

Our Values

In the realm of heavy lifting, Summit Cranes emerged as more than just a company; it embodied a commitment, a fusion of values resonating through every lift, every project, and every connection forged.


At the core of Summit Cranes lies an unwavering sense of responsibility that surpasses the ordinary. It’s a pledge to the work, the client, co-workers, family, and self. Our commitment goes beyond lifting heavy loads; it’s about elevating lives. The integrity we bring to every task is not merely a duty but a promise — a promise to deliver enduring excellence, akin to the cranes we meticulously construct.


Love propels Summit Cranes to greater heights. Passion isn’t a mere buzzword; it’s the lifeblood of our existence. We don’t just operate cranes; we engage in a dance with steel, orchestrating precision and power. The love for our craft is infectious, spreading from our skilled engineers to the operators high above the ground. This passion transforms every project into a masterpiece and every lift into a performance.


Confronted by challenges, Summit Cranes stands resolute. We are not just builders of cranes; we are architects of strength—physical, mental, and emotional. Challenges are not impediments; they are opportunities to showcase our resilience. Nothing will deter us, for we are fortified with a strength that emanates from within, turning adversity into achievement.


Innovation is the lifeblood of Summit Cranes. We are discontent with the status quo; we crave the unexplored, the undiscovered. Always seeking a faster, safer, and more efficient approach, we pioneer the future of lifting. Our engineers don’t merely design cranes; they sculpt the future of lifting solutions. We don’t follow trends; we set them. Innovation is not a process; it’s our way of life.


Summit Cranes isn’t just a company; it’s a journey of growth—professionally, personally, financially, and globally. Our employees don’t merely work for Summit Cranes; they grow with Summit Cranes. We foster an environment where potential isn’t just recognised; it’s nurtured. We believe in collectively reaching new heights, where individual growth intertwines with organisational advancement.

Our story isn’t just about cranes reaching for the skies; it’s about people reaching for their full potential. Summit Cranes isn’t merely a company; it’s a family united by responsibility, fueled by passion, fortified by strength, driven by innovation, and destined for continual growth. Join us, and let’s raise the bar to new summits together.

Winner Excellence in Large Business 2023
Winner Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion 2023
Winner Business of the year 2023
Outstanding Young Business Leader 2021 - Joshua Shields
Business Who Met the Challenges of 2020 with Diversification & Innovation - Large Business
Finalist Excellence in Business 2019
Winner Excellence in Work, Health & Safety 2021
Winner Excellence in Business 2021
Winner Excellence in Large Business 2022

We work closely with the mining, construction and resources industries on projects large and small throughout Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. People constantly tell us that our team has a positive and proactive attitude on site and are great to work with - this makes all the difference when the pressure is on.

Based in Dubbo, NSW, the Summit Cranes team has expanded operations Australia-wide and we’re now excited to partner on projects in South-East Asia and the South Pacific.

If it’s crane hire, labour hire or lift studies you’re after, you’ve got your guys.

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We can help you today. Contact our experts at SUMMIT Cranes and speak to us about how we can supply the services your operation requires.


Where do we operate

Our experienced team of managers, supervisors, operators and riggers works across Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. We have a wide and reliable network that means we always have the right team for you, no matter where you’re located.

Locally owned. Globally operated.

Our Australian headquarters are located in Dubbo, New South Wales, but our vast network means we can operate anywhere in Australia, South-East Asia and all over the globe.


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